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    Teen/Adults (13+)

    School, work and stress are constantly getting in the way of teens/adults properly managing their time to fit in physical activity. Taekwondo classes are a great place for you to get in shape and achieve goals that you never thought you could. Set long and short-term goals and our instructors will be there to help you achieve them. It’s never too late to start!

    If You’re Ready To Make A Change To Your Life That Will Replace Stress With Inner Peace Through Physicality And Meditation, Then We Can’t Wait To Welcome You Into Our Program.

    Take advantage of a comprehensive opportunity to reevaluate every element of your life. Use solid options to get the body that you want and the fitness that you need.

    Adults Class

    Our program combines techniques that reinforce self-discipline, strength building, weight loss and self-defense. Each indispensable practice is based on ancient methods that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    And, even more importantly:Our program is good for all ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities.

    Adults Who Study Martial Arts Reap Significant Benefits

    Studying martial arts is something that anybody – at any age or fitness level – can do. Martial arts classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Whether you want to defend yourself, lose weight, or just have fun, our adult martial arts classes have something to offer.

    Finding The Time And Energy To Exercise Can Be Difficult

    Even when you do find time to hit the gym, regardless of having a schedule that’s full of work, family time, and other obligations, you might be bored of your same old workout. There’s nothing exciting about another go-round on the treadmill or elliptical – and you might need some encouragement to stick to a schedule and achieve your fitness goals.

    Martial arts classes for adults focus on building core strength and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, social setting. Why not break out of your dull routine?

    Better Yourself With Every Class!

    Our martial arts classes for adults can help you build core strength, increase your flexibility, learn how to defend yourself and the people you love, or lose weight. They’re also a great place to make new friends. Whatever your fitness goals are, you can achieve them in our classes.

    Challenging, Calorie-burning Workouts

    One of the keys to losing weight is finding a workout that you genuinely like doing.

    Martial arts workouts are fun and challenging. They burn calories while also building muscles and ramping up your metabolism.

    Regular martial arts workouts can help you lose weight steadily, especially when combined with a healthy diet.

    Build Body Confidence As You Shed Extra Pounds And Inches

    People who carry extra weight often have a negative body image as well – and some have struggled their whole lives to lose weight.

    Studying martial arts helps you learn about your body and think of it as an ally, not an enemy.

    Martial arts students carry themselves with strength and confidence.

    Make Friends While You Get In Shape And Challenge Yourself

    Finding time to work out and socialize might feel impossible – but what if you combined the two into one activity?

    Research shows that people who exercise with friends are less likely to skip workouts than those who exercise alone.

    Making friends in our martial arts school helps you build a social circle and gives you buddies to cheer you on and celebrate your successes.

    Learn How To Stand Up For Yourself

    Many people feel vulnerable and wish that they had a way to defend themselves if they end up in a dangerous situation.

    Martial arts classes build strength, confidence, and agility while teaching basic but effective self-defense moves.

    Studying martial arts can help you shake feelings of vulnerability and believe in your ability to ward off an attack.

    Protect Yourself And Your Family With Martial Arts

    Defending yourself and the family you love is a priority – and for good reason. Money and personal belongings can be replaced, but people cannot.

    Studying martial arts helps you learn the moves you need to disarm an attacker and keep yourself and your family safe.

    You’ll carry yourself with strength and confidence when you know you can defend yourself.


    Martial Arts Classes Are Friendly Community Environments

    As an adult, making new friends outside of work can be difficult. Taking a class is one way to connect with people who share a common interest.

    While martial arts is not a team sport, our martial arts school is a cooperative community – one where teamwork and support is encouraged.

    A friendship that starts inside the dojang may end up extending to the outside world.


    • Coordination, balance, flexibility and strength
    • Improving confidence
    • Goal-setting
    • Self-defense

    Curriculum includes

    • All classes taught by certified Master Instructors
    • Beginner to advanced level blocks, self-defense, punches and kicks
    • Improved health and confidence
    • Safe environment for beginner to advanced level sparring

    My 6 year old girl started training about a month ago. She can’t wait to go to the classes! She absolutely loves it. Master Michael is so great with younger kids- his classes are actually fun to watch! he makes funny jokes with kids while he is teaching very important stuff. Master Julia is also great, she speaks Korean fluently, and helps my daughter practicing her Korean. Great place! Highly recommended!

    - Bennett Jin



    Sign up for a FREE CLASS and find out if taekwondo is right for you or your child!