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    Tiny Tigers (3-5 Years Old)

    Tiny Tigers
    At the age of 3-5 years old, children have started to pick up on certain habits but haven’t fully developed them yet. The focus with our Tiny Tigers is to develop strong habits at a young age that they will continue to expand on as they grow. With the patience and expertise of our certified instructors, we can ensure that your child will have FUN in class while developing essential skills that will carry on throughout the rest of their lives.

    Parenting Young Children Can Be A Challenge.

    You must balance their natural inquisitiveness and high energy with trying to teach them the basic skills they need for school and life.

    Discipline, confidence, and self-control are all things we all need to be successful.

    The best scenario for learning is one that’s structured and helps them develop at their own pace. Making learning fun is the best way for children to retain the lessons learned and apply themselves to learn new ones as well.

    Results And Growth With Every Class!

    Studying martial arts is ideal for young children. It provides them with an outlet for their energy. But, it also teaches them about respect, discipline, and other core values that will go with them beyond the dojang. Tiny Tiger’s martial arts classes teach kids to control their movements and behaviour, whiledeveloping social skills and interaction at the same time.

    Studying Martial Arts Builds Physical Coordination And Control

    Young children who learn martial arts find out quickly that each movement must be intentional. They learn to control their movements to the best of their ability.

    They also practice hand-eye coordination and learn about their bodies. That means they’ll be less likely to be unintentionally destructive.

    Young Martial Arts Students Learn How To Focus

    Getting young kids to pay attention can feel like an impossible task. The structure of our martial arts classes shows kids the importance of focus and teaches them by having them apply it to easily-achievable tasks.

    The focus they learn in the dojang is something they’ll take home – and into the classroom. That’s why kids who study martial arts tend to be good students, too.

    Your Child Will Grow With Every Class!

    Children are like sponges. They absorb things quickly and easily – far more easily than we do as adults. In fact, parents can sometimes see a difference in their kids after just one martial arts class. Each additional class they attend increases their knowledge and growth.

    Not only are they getting healthier as they learn martial arts, they’re also learning the value of self-discipline and respect. When you enroll your child in a martial arts class, you’re giving them much more than the physical skills.

    Martial Arts Helps Kids Learn To Deal With Frustration

    Martial arts instruction requires students to pursue goals to earn new belts. Young kids can easily become frustrated when they don’t get what they want, but studying martial arts helps them learn the power of persistence.

    The physical activity in our classes also helps kids manage stress and anxiety by allowing them to burn it off in a safe and constructive way.

    Kids Who Study Martial Arts Learn Good Sportsmanship

    Losing is not anybody’s idea of fun, but we all need to learn how to accept a defeat gracefully and move on. We teach students that losing is part of life – and it’s what you do after you lose that tells people who you are.

    Even though martial arts is an individual sport, we cultivate an environment of supportive teamwork where students root for one another.

    Program goals

    • Basic physical skills: coordination, balance, following directions/rules
    • “Yes I can” attitude
    • Learn to interact positively with instructors and peers
    • Patience, discipline and respect

    Curriculum includes

    • All classes taught by certified Master Instructors
    • Introduction to basic blocks, punches and kicks
    • Basic understanding of the “Yes-I-Can” attitude
    • Safe environment for children to develop at their own pace

    My 6 year old girl started training about a month ago. She can’t wait to go to the classes! She absolutely loves it. Master Michael is so great with younger kids- his classes are actually fun to watch! he makes funny jokes with kids while he is teaching very important stuff. Master Julia is also great, she speaks Korean fluently, and helps my daughter practicing her Korean. Great place! Highly recommended!

    - Bennett Jin



    Sign up for a FREE CLASS and find out if taekwondo is right for you or your child!